Goals & Services

Goal of StreetSchool Network™

The goal of the StreetSchool Network™ is to provide services that help network schools develop and thrive as they seek to assist high need students living in at-risk environments in becoming productive, contributing members of society through educational and spiritual intervention. StreetSchool Network™ resources its schools in each area of school development and supports the sharing of best practices among the network, leading to the goal of accreditation for each of our network schools.

Services to StreetSchool Network™ schools

Accreditation – Through a partnership with AdvancED, an umbrella organization that serves the regional accrediting agencies of NCA CASI, and SCA CASI, the StreetSchool Network™ is able to assist schools in working toward candidacy in the accreditation process and facilitate their efforts as candidates to become fully accredited schools.   This process results in AdvancED regional accreditation as well being recognized as a Certified StreetSchool Network™ School. StreetSchool Network™ continues its support of accredited schools by helping to resource school improvement plans and providing annual accreditation and data reviews.


Advocacy – StreetSchool Network™ advocates for Network Schools by facilitating national ministry and education partnerships and creating national awareness of the StreetSchool Movement in Washington, D.C. with elected officials and through national press releases and articles in national publications as well as on the StreetSchool Network™ website. As a founding member of the Association for High School Innovation, the Network™ maintains a national presence in this premier group of alternative school innovators.


Communication & Networking - Through the StreetSchool Network™ website, newsletters, forums, and e-mail updates, StreetSchool Network™ staff members facilitate information sharing between StreetSchool Network™ schools. StreetSchool Network™ staff and supporters aid in the sharing of best practices, problem-solving and relationship building.


Funding - StreetSchool Network™ endeavors to provide financial support and resources to network schools for specific initiatives through accessing national funding sources as a group and coordinating national fundraising efforts that include local schools. Coaching and training is also provided to schools to assist them with local fundraising efforts and board development.


Products & Resources – StreetSchool Network™ services Network Schools by developing products in-house that meet the needs of those carrying out the unique school model (StreetSchool Network™ Resource Bank, StreetSchool Tracker powered by RenWeb, Student Profile, Student Learning Plans and other resources) as well as establishing discounts and partnerships with organizations that have helpful resources that have been tested and are recommended in the StreetSchool environment.


Student Profile and Student Learning Plans - Students are supported by the role of their advocate in planning for and transitioning to post-secondary training, employment or college. The specially designed Student Profile and Student Learning Plans are available in RenWeb for advocates to track a student’s progress toward transition and support them in preparing for life after high school graduation.


StreetSchool Tracker powered by RenWeb - RenWeb is StreetSchool Network’s™ school management database partner that offers complete school management software (grading, reporting, lesson planning, parent and staff communication, etc.) as well as customized solutions such as the specialized Student Learning Plan.


Strategies for Continuous School Improvement – For network schools, StreetSchool Network™ provides a process for continuous school improvement based on the StreetSchool Essentials and AdvancED Standards. The Network staff helps develop, resource, and annually evaluate each school’s School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP). This allows for StreetSchool Network™ staff to support school development in a focused way, providing resources and professional development to support each school’s most important priorities.


Summer Conference - Each year, the StreetSchool Network™ welcomes staff from around the country to come together for a conference and family reunion. Whether you are an old friend or new to our family, you will benefit from the fellowship, learning, problem-solving, sharing of best practices, professional development and spiritual refreshment. From keynote speakers to intensive seminars, discussion groups and time exploring the Denver area, our goal is to have every attendee leave refreshed, equipped and ready for another school year on the front lines.


Training – StreetSchool Network™ offers training and professional development services to network schools to help guide them in all areas of School Development including: Organizational Development, Financial Resource, Development, Personalized School Climate, Academic Development, Personal/Social Development, Career Development, and Spiritual Development for those desiring to start and operate a StreetSchool Network™ member school. This is accomplished through orientation, the annual StreetSchool Network™ conference, and through personal coaching, regional training, regularly scheduled webinars, and site visits.

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