Start A School

The StreetSchool Network™, headquartered in Denver, CO, is working nationwide to meet the needs of at-risk youth by developing a network of schools around the U.S. that provide personalized education, a moral code and tools for self-sufficiency.  Our purpose is to facilitate the development of Street Schools nationwide through:

  • Offering training and support to educators who want to start Street Schools
  • Providing a working “Street School Model,” ensuring quality education and accreditation
  • Guiding schools through a continuous improvement plan for school development and operation
  • Networking schools and providing opportunities for collaboration to share best practices
  • Securing and distributing financial and other resources to help schools thrive
  • Selecting tools, technology and resources to standardize and support operations and allow schools to make data-driven decisions that bolster student success.
  • Reducing the drop-out rate by giving students a second opportunity to earn their high school diploma.

If you would like to join our network, please fill out our application.