The Challenge

There is a major crisis in education in America. We are at jeopardy of losing the next generation due to a horrific dropout epidemic.

Our country’s education statistics are staggering.

  • 7,000 adolescents per day drop out or are expelled from our nation’s high schools, according to America’s Promise Alliance, a national youth-focused coalition started by Colin and Alma Powell.
  • Fifty percent of minority youth drop out of high school before graduating.
  • In some urban cores, only 35% of African-American and Hispanic males graduate from high school. The statistics for females are only slightly higher.

Having an uneducated and undereducated populace comes at a terrible cost to the average American. This is a tremendous burden for the taxpayer. Without an all-important high school diploma, young people are:

  • twice as likely to be unemployed.
  • seven times more likely to be on government assistance.
  • three-and-a-half times more likely to get arrested.

The negative impact that this crisis will have on our economy has been estimated at $192 billion per year for each successive class of dropouts.

But worse is the large number of young people who are adrift because of their academic, familial, and societal circumstances. They have no hope for a successful future by any definition and often turn to gangs and drugs. There can be a debate as to what combination of personal bad choices, poor adult modeling, and society’s oversight can be blamed for their current situation, but the end result is the same. The adolescent feels hopeless with no way out.

Never have the statistics been more dire or the solutions so within reach. But there is hope……

 Ken Davis

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