What Is SSN? The Solution

Historically, faith based schools have provided the highest quality education to the most needy students in our nation’s urban cores. They have often been an oasis of hope in a desert of despair. The Denver Street School, a Christian secondary school, was founded in 1985 to serve Denver’s most troubled kids- gang members, the addicted, teen moms, and those with other issues which caused the teen to drop out or be expelled from school.

Within just a few years of the formation of the Denver Street School in 1985, Mr. Tom Tillapaugh, DSS founder and administrator, began to receive calls from educators in other cities requesting help in starting like schools for troubled youth in their own metropolitan areas.

In an effort to have an organized response to an increasing nationwide need, Mr. Tillapaugh founded the National Association of Street Schools, now StreetSchool Network (SSN), in 1996. SSN provides a clearinghouse of information and support for educators across the nation that wish to start schools for at-risk young people or desire help for their already existing interventionist model school.

The StreetSchool Network™ exists for these very students, working nationwide to meet the challenges of youth living in at-risk environments by developing a network of schools that provide a personalized education, a moral code, and tools for self-sufficiency. Our purpose is to facilitate the development and accreditation of schools based on the StreetSchool Essentials for reaching and supporting high-need students. In this way, network schools serve as educational “intensive care units” for those students being left behind.

The StreetSchool Network™ has had a dramatic impact in the lives of those in the at-risk population. Member schools have achieved impressive benchmarks including boosting GPAs by more than 67% (over a student’s previous school experience) and demonstrating a college enrollment rate of 73%. What’s more, schools collectively provide students with more than 80,000 hours of literacy intervention annually to improve their reading and writing skills. Plus, StreetSchool Network™ is helping schools achieve accreditation through Advanced Ed and the regional accrediting agencies. Perhaps most encouraging of all, 85% of StreetSchool Network™ alumni are either attending a college or trade school, are gainfully employed, in the military, or own their own businesses and are successfully contributing to their communities.

Street Schools...the road to hope for at-risk kids!

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