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Connecticut Newspaper Features New School Opening

Excerpt: Pathways Academy is under Jericho Partnership, a collaboration of nine ministries, four churches, and two foundations serving at-risk youth, and homeless people in Danbury.
"It's real nice here," student Ryan Rodriguez-Albenesi said Monday. "I feel like since I'm learning the stuff better, I understand it better."
The school aims to take at risk boys, build their self-esteem, teach discipline, improve achievement, and provide emotional and academic support to bolster what they get at home so they are ready for high school. It plans to grow to serve 36 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.
Pathways' principal, Cedric Rice, a retired executive at IBM, also teaches math and science at the school. He said the students who are accepted have at least three risk factors, such as coming from one-parent homes, poor families, or having a family member who is incarcerated.
"It's been determined that the middle school is one of the hardest times for boys, and when they have risk factors they can get off track," Rice said.