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Denver Post Features Street School Basketball

“This is terrific coverage for our kids,” remarked Steve Smith, National Association of Street Schools board president. In basketball, we have identified a signature program that people can get behind if they really want to make a difference in the lives of struggling youth in our communities. It is a powerful tool for the Street School Movement to use to attract kids back to school, keep them learning through eligibility requirements and as a way to get them thinking about the future.”

The Denver Street School and other teams from NASS member schools around the nation post winning records and have success in sending students to college to play basketball. “Despite the fact that our teams struggle for everything from courts to practice on, uniforms and food for players on the road, we have been competitive in Denver, San Francisco, Mendenhall, MS and other places around the country where we have member schools,” said Denver Street School Founder, Tom Tillapaugh. “More importantly, we are getting the highest risk group for dropping out to stay in school.”

Basketball has proven to be a conduit in helping kids stay motivated to get to and stay in school. Student Eric Swift came to DSS from Norfolk, VA in 2006 and is currently second in the state in scoring at 26.3 points per game. Eric now has new hope through school and basketball in Denver, overcoming a troubled past in Virginia. "It's like gangs, drugs, everything that's basically in any other neighborhood that's bad.”People get killed. I've seen people get shot at. I've seen a lot of stuff. I try not to think about that type of stuff because my life is moving forward now.”

"He's in an environment where the teachers are there because they love the kids," says his coach, Jim Galanaugh. "He sees that. He sees the love. With the combination of caring adults around him, and the challenge of playing pretty decent basketball, he's going to make it. He's out of the 'hood, man. He's on his way."

Some NASS member schools have established housing to host students from other cities, students who have severe family and neighborhood situations but who could flourish in the holistic learning environment of the school. Denver Street School has found housing for some students in the past two years, but is looking for investors to help buy a “Bulldog House” where young men can connect with basketball, have a positive educational environment and who are in need of housing can live with house parents while attending Denver Street School.

For more information on how you can invest in Street School basketball programs, especially the Bulldog House, call Steve Smith at 303-808-7221.

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