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Denver Street School: A Winning Attitude Hits The Street

Excerpt: Despite the lack of able bodies or classical basketball training, the Bulldogs manage to not only compete, but also enjoy great success, thanks in large part to some talented players. The team owns a 10-2 record through Jan. 10 and finished last year with a 19-1 record. Two players, Eric Swift and Christian Lewis, average 25 points per game, and some of the season's statistical comparisons look as if they came from a video game that was played on the "easy" setting: the team has out-rebounded opponents 299 to 68; dished out 125 assists while allowing opponents only 17; and managed a 101 to 12 advantage in steals. Earlier this season, Street beat Ponderosa High School, a 5A school.
"A lot of our players are great athletes," Galanaugh said. "We typically have two potential [college] Division 1 players on our team."
Getting those players ready for college goes beyond advancing who they are on the court.
"The majority of the kids that we have made some bad decisions and are just trying to navigate through their lives in the inner city," Galanaugh said. "So we have to try and get them to think more with their heads instead of their emotions."
Getting the kids in school is the first step, then basketball serves as motivation. The players have to maintain a C average in each of their classes to play in games.

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