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Tillapaugh's Speech Included in New National Publication

Included in the publication is StreetSchool Network" President Tom Tillapaugh's speech from the April 24, 2008, White House Summit on Inner-City Children and Faith Based Schools convened by President George W. Bush in Washington, D.C. A
broad array of education and community stakeholders, including Tillapaugh, were invited to address a deeply troubling but vastly under-reported phenomenon limiting the education options available to low-income urban families: the rapid disappearance of faith-based schools in America's cities.
Excerpt: The Summit was called due to alarming statistics recently released by the National Center for Education Statistics: between the 1999-2000 and 2005-2006 school years, the K-12 faith-based education sector lost nearly 1,200 schools and nearly 425,000 students. According to the report, this is a cause for national concern for a number of important reasons. First, for generations, these schools have played an invaluable role in America's cities. They are part of our Nation's proud story of religious freedom and tolerance, community development, immigration and assimilation, academic achievement, upward mobility, and more. To lose these schools is to lose a positive, central character in the narrative of urban America.
You can read Tillapaugh's speech and link to the full publication: