“It was his second solo flight, and as Noah Schlegel landed the Cessna 172 at McAir Aviation in Broomfield a couple weeks ago, his graduation from Crossroads School in May, 2016, was a fond, but distant memory. He soon began a major in criminal justice at an area community college, thinking he would someday be a police officer.

In the middle of those studies, a neighbor of Noah’s, a commercial pilot and a member of his church, reached out, and took him on a Discovery Flight, known as the introduction to the world of aviation. Noah realized the freedom of flying was in his blood. He transferred his college credits to a community college with an aviation program. Placement tests were tough, and few students were admitted into the program.  Noah’s high scores didn’t qualify.

There had to be another way to realize the goal for what had become his passion.

He and his dad, Mike Schlegel, began researching. Their efforts led Mike to discover an aviation program that looked to be a good fit for his oldest son. Those findings eventually led Noah to transfer his core classes. In 18 months, he will have his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Technology from Liberty University, an accredited evangelical liberal arts school in central Virginia. And, he will have a guaranteed job interview at McAir to become a certified flight instructor (CFI).

Liberty provides online classroom instruction and has arrangements with McAir for its students to do their required flight hours in Broomfield. Most weekdays, Noah spends a couple of hours of intense online instruction in the morning, then goes to McAir for four hours of flight training. He says online classes are different, and there’s a definite learning curve. He is self-motivated and works diligently to stay on top of his homework.

“Liberty’s professors are quick to respond to emails, the courses are laid out well, and objectives are clearly spelled out. It’s definitely different from a brick and mortar building,” reports Noah.

His dad is proud of him, and Noah knows his mother, Anne Schlegel, whom God called home in February of 2017, would be also.

“Students at Crossroads need to understand their time there isn’t to just make friends, but also to learn key life skills. The more you mess around the harder it is going to be—you’ll wish you had paid more attention in class.  Go for what you want,” he advises. “Pursue your dreams and make your passions a reality.

“You won’t be alone,” says Noah. “God has had a hand in everything I have done. Nothing has been by accident. My faith and trust in Him has brought me a sense of happiness.”

By following his own advice, Noah is flying high!”

Story submitted by: Crossroads School of Longmont. Visit them online by clicking here!