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StreetSchool Network™ welcomes inquiries from community leaders who are interested in opening a school based on the StreetSchool Model in their city, as well as from existing schools that desire StreetSchool Network™ membership and are willing to enter the StreetSchool Network™ Accreditation Process.  The required process for these inquiries is as follows:

Step 1: Inquiry

Interested party contacts StreetSchool Network™ Network Coordinator, Kacy Leyba (720-515-5776);, to discuss their vision and to evaluate whether the core values of the organization inquiring and the StreetSchool Network™ are compatible.

Step 2: StreetSchool Model Alignment

The interested party is put in contact with Director of School Services, Laurel Christensen (720-425-1642);, who will describe the StreetSchool model and discuss the next steps to membership. This dialogue allows the inquiring party to gain a better understanding of what is involved in running a StreetSchool and what it means to be a member of StreetSchool Network™.  It also allows the StreetSchool Network™ staff to make assessments and plans regarding needed support and services.

Step 3: Application

A completed application packet is returned to StreetSchool Network™ when the school decides to join, with a non-refundable membership fee.

Step 4: Site Visit

A site visit and training session are scheduled for StreetSchool Network™ staff to visit the school or potential school site, conduct board training, assist with problem-solving and fundraising, and to develop either a start-up plan or a plan for continuous school improvement.  For an operating school, strategic planning will take place and a discussion to establish a timeline for the accreditation process. Member schools are also given full access to StreetSchool Network™ Member Portal at this time.

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