Relationships are core to the Street School Model. Many of our schools have some form of advocacy or student mentorship program at the core of their program. In some cases, this mentorship program specifically includes the sprititual development of students, in others, spiritual development is seen as seperate.


Student Spiritual Development Curriculums and Programs

Access the Urban Youth Workers Institute Toolkit which contains resources for Leadership, Discipleship, Urban Youth Ministry, Soul Care, and Young Men and Women.


(Short films + questions)

Visit the I AM SECOND website for short testimony films, questions, and other conversation starters for life’s deeper topics.

Visually engaging topical and Scripture study videos, as well as podcasts.

CRU Resources

Conversation Starter: Solarium Cards

Solarium Card Group Question PDF

Falling Plates Discussion Starter Video

Dare2Share Resources

Knowing God Lesson Bundle: Digital Download

Foundations Lesson Bundle: Digital Download

 Connecting with God Lesson Bundle: Digital Download

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StreetLights Curriculum 

CornerTalk “I AM” Teaching Series on YouTube

CornerTalk Series on YouTube

Digitally Downloadable Curriculum

An audio Bible set to beats and instrumental music.

Available in English and Spanish

Reach Records Man Up Series

Full movie available on YouTube

Full album available here

John for Everyone Bible Study – N.T. Wright

Available for purchase on Amazon here

SheReadsTruth Bible Study Resources

Online Bible Studies

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HeReadsTruth Bible Study Resources

Online Bible Studies

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Advocacy Tips & Tricks


+ Consistency is key– even when kids don’t seem engaged

+ Engage advo-kids as leaders. Think: Where in our school can students take on spiritual leadership? Can they teach chapel? What about a Bible class or lesson? If they’re not quite there yet, can they lead a warm up game?

+Include a visual with your Bible study or discussion that you can always point back to

+Talk about real topics with vulnerability

 +Remember that planning & structure makes things run smoother, just like with teaching an academic class

+Voice your expectations ahead of time

+ Balance your “face-to-face” (class discussion) time with “windshield” & other side-by-side time. AKA: Take a few kids to lunch, shoot hoops, go for a group walk when the weather is nice.

+Remember: Authenticity breeds authenticity

+Model prayer, Bible reading, journaling, etc.

+Remember that as advocates (staff members), we are a team. We are all advocating for and witnessing to our students together with the authority of Christ within us.

A Moment of Encouragement for the Weary Educator’s Soul

We know this has been an incredibly difficult season– as educators, as global citizens, as followers of Christ. We just wanted to take a moment to join in with Alicia Keys to say “Thank you!” to those of you who are on the front lines of education during a global pandemic.

Regardless of what you may feel or think from time-to-time: 

You’re doing a good job.

Click here to take a moment and a deep breath as you let The One Voice Children’s Choir preach this truth to you in a way only music out of the mouths of babes can. 

Have you found an advocacy resource that works well at your Street School?

Submit it below and we will add it to our Network’s repertoire.